TEAM Index in 4 steps

TEAM Index starts with an online staff survey. The results are then analyzed to create a collective intelligence report that is returned to the organisation.


Exploratory interview with the project leader to understand the organisation’s objectives. Submission of the registration form and the list of staff required to send the questionnaires.


After being informed of the process, all staff are invited by email to complete an online questionnaire on the TEAM Index platform. This collection phase lasts 2 weeks.


Data analysis, calculation and comparison of scores. Preparation of a detailed collective intelligence report highlighting key strengths, areas for improvement and priority topics.


Debriefing to leadership team and delivery of collective intelligence report. The organisation then shares the results and any actions they wish to take with the staff.

TEAM Index characteristics

TEAM Index is a rich and comprehensive tool serving organisations and teams.

A confidential framework for participants

The client company has no access to questionnaire individual responses. The data returned to the company are collective and always combine the results of at least 5 people.

A detailed assessment with 75 items measured

3 dimensions divided into 15 themes and 75 items covering all the main human topics in the company for a detailed view of what works and what needs to be improved

A clear understanding of strengths and opportunities for improvement

TEAM Index makes it possible to clearly identify and prioritize the strengths of the organisation but also the areas to be monitored or improved to facilitate the decision-making and prioritization of actions.

A benchmark to compare

Each organisation can compare its results with other organisations, providing an unprecedented perspective to position itself and better evaluate its results for each of the topics covered.

Results' analysis by team and subgroup

Results can be reported by demographic sub-group and according to company-specific distribution criteria (departments, countries, business units) to assess disparities and provide specific responses.

An international tool

Today available in French and English, TEAM Index can meet the needs of international companies operating in several countries. Adaptations in other languages ​​will soon be available.

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