Collective Intelligence Assessment

Listen to the voice of your team
and make your organisation progress

The first index to measure the collective intelligence
of organisations

A consultation tool

that confidentially collects opinions, observations and feelings of staff to allow the expression of all voices

An assesment tool

that measures the organisation’s collective intelligence to reveal the key strengths and priorities for improvement

A monitoring tool

that helps leaders better understand their teams, make decisions, take actions and  assess their impact over time

Why use TEAM Index in your organisation?

To let all the staff speak and express their opinions

To develop human and collective performance

To reduce turnover and absenteeism

To help leaders gain a better understanding of the organisation

To improve well-being in the organisation

To accompany changes and transformations

To strengthen staff commitment

To help managers progress and make their teams progress

“None of us knows what we all know, together”


Collective intelligence at the heart of TEAM Index

The collective intelligence of an organisation is based on its capacity to enable or foster :

The personal fulfilment
of individuals

The quality and efficiency
of relationships

The strength and cohesion
of the team

TEAM Index assesses the 3 human dimensions of an organisation

These 3 dimensions are composed of 15 themes and covered by 75 items.


Focus on individuals



Work Life Experience

Sense of recognition


Personal Growth


Focus on relationships


of Relationships

Camaraderie & Kindness

Transparency & Diversity


Managerial Relationships

Customer & Supplier Relationships

Relationship Toxicity


Focus on the team


of the Team

Leadership, Strategy & Values


Team Spirit

Agility & Innovation

Collective Efficiency

TEAM Index is based on 6 principles

Every voice counts and deserves to be heard

What is said is more important than who says it

The collective dimension is fully attainable only if the individual and relationship dimensions are taken into account

Any organisation can develop its collective intelligence

The ME, YOU and WE are closely related and interdependent

People are both an objective and a lever: collective intelligence means putting the organisation at the service of people and people at the service of the organisation

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